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Dave the Slave was an enslaved African-American potter who worked in Edgefield South Carolina all of his life. Two things that made Dave unique were his ability to turn extra large pieces of pottery...upwards to forty gallons in size and the fact that he could read and write. For a slave to be able to read and write in the antebellum South is exceptional to say the least. The fact that he so publicly displayed this ability on the sides of the wares he turned is almost heretical. It is estimated that Dave the Slave turned tens of thousands of pieces. Obviously most of these are lost since there is so little of his work still intact. And most of Dave's pottery was not signed, so this helps explain the rareness of such pieces and the high prices they bring at auction when they are available for sale. In fact there were periods of time where signed pieces are conspicuously absent. The reason being that Dave was.......................